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Unlocking Efficiency: Integrating Creyos with athenahealth
Cognitive Assessment

Unlocking Efficiency: Integrating Creyos with athenahealth

Published: 27/09/2023

Written by: Creyos

For busy healthcare providers, toggling between systems to get a complete picture of patient medical records is time consuming, tedious, and prone to risk. Time spent keeping information organized cuts into your practice efficiency, patient experience, and overall ability to deliver quality care.

That’s why Creyos has partnered with athenahealth EHR and integrated our two systems to enable patient reports from Creyos to instantly appear in the athenahealth platform.

The top 3 benefits of having Creyos reports appear in the athenahealth EHR

Having results from cognitive assessments in your EHR provides many perks for your practice, and patients. Narrowing it down, here are the top three benefits to keep in mind if you’re considering adding this integration to your Creyos subscription.


Time saved

With patient details all in one place, clinical efficiency improves. Providers can streamline the data entry processes; instead of manually recording the outcomes of cognitive tasks or behavioral health outcome measures, reports automatically appear as part of patient records. By synchronizing the two systems, more time and energy is freed up for your team to focus on more critical tasks, such as liaising with patients and maintaining appointment calendars.


Lower risk of human error

By integrating Creyos with athenahealth, critical patient data related to cognitive function is seamlessly synced, eliminating the possibility of transcription mistakes, data entry errors, or incomplete patient records – common occurrences when information is manually transferred between different systems. Accurate and up-to-date assessment results are accessible in real-time, which not only enhances the quality of patient care but also improves patient safety by minimizing the chances of costly and potentially harmful mistakes.


Better clinical decision making

Lastly, having cognitive test results readily accessible within athenahealth empowers healthcare providers with a holistic view of your patient's health history. This comprehensive information allows for quicker and better decision making, enabling clinicians to promptly identify trends or changes in cognitive function and make more timely adjustments to treatment plans or referrals to specialists. It fosters more efficient, patient-centered care by providing valuable insights at your fingertips.


How the integration works


Adding athenahealth to your Creyos subscription

For Creyos customers, if you’re interested in the integration with athenahealth, the first step is to get in touch with us by emailing us at Since this integration is an add-on service to a Creyos subscription, our team will first want to review costs with you.


Linking your Creyos and athenahealth accounts

The next step is to complete the activation form. By completing this form, you alert the Creyos and athenahealth teams that you’d like to connect your accounts and have your Creyos reports sync to your athenahealth platform.

Once we receive your completed form, we’ll coordinate a follow-up meeting to walk you through the activation process, link your accounts, and ensure things are working properly.


Syncing patients

Once enabled, you’ll see a new link at the top of each patient information card that reads Link to EMR. Clicking this link will present a screen where you can enter patient details including:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Date of Birth

A screen appears in Creyos allowing clinicians to input required information to match patient records

This information is used to locate potential record matches in athenahealth.

Records with matching information are found in athenahealth and presented for review

Once a match is found, you can click into the record and confirm it’s the right patient by looking at the athenahealth Patient ID and ensuring it matches the ID of the patient you’re trying to sync.

Select the record that matches and then verify patient ID information to ensure it matches. Then click to sync records.


If everything looks right, click Connect Patient and your patient record in Creyos will sync to the record in athenahealth.


Seeing Creyos reports in athenahealth

With a successful connection, any new Creyos assessment results will now appear as part of your patient’s lab results in athenahealth.

Once a new assessment is completed, it will get listed on the left hand side of the screen.

View Creyos reports in athenahealth under Lab Results for that patient.

Any clinician with access to that patient record can click to review the results, and the document label can easily be renamed for at-a-glance identification.


Your patient records, all in one place

With the Creyos and athenahealth integration, busy healthcare practices can spend less time on paperwork and more time with patients. Syncing patient reports with athenahealth means you can save time, improve clinical decision making, and reduce the risks associated with manual data entry.

Already using Creyos and want to add this integration? Contact and we can share more details and help you get the process started.

Not using Creyos but are interested in adding or enhancing cognitive testing at your practice? Book a time to speak with one of our Product Specialists about how Creyos can help your clinic.


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