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Clear Data.
Improved Patient Outcomes.

Evaluate patient performance with complete reporting that offers easy-to-interpret results, contextual recommendations, and longitudinal tracking.


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Patient reports visualize data allowing providers to quickly read results, interpret key findings, and spot trends. They enable better clinical decision making, faster, for a better patient experience.



A highly trained algorithm automatically tabulates patient responses and plots them in relation to norms. Providers get efficiency and consistency in scoring, with immediate reports that remove risk of human error.

Patient Conversation

Better patient conversations

Reports distill complex information into clear, understandable insights, helping providers communicate more effectively with patients about their brain health status, treatment options, and prognosis.

Instant performance overview

Every Creyos report first features a summary page that offers a snapshot of assessment results. Scores are compared to demographic norms so you can easily see where patient performance is above average, average, and below average. Easy summary page includes:

  • Patient information
  • Assessment details
  • Performance summary

Clear breakdown of cognitive assessment results

Creyos presents patient scores for each task along with a comparison to demographic norms. Each score is accompanied by a task description and examples that contextualize the measured cognitive abilities to maximize patient comprehension.


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Track longitudinal performance trends

Effortlessly monitor cognitive changes over time with Creyos. Tests can be easily re-administered for comparative analysis, with clear charts depicting progress. Providers can have objective discussions with patients about symptom progression for more informed decision making about treatment plans.

Patient satisfaction has been great since using Creyos. People want to feel that they went to the doctor and something tangible was done for them. Now they can say they completed the Creyos tests and got detailed information about their brain health.

Dr. Vernon B. Williams


Cedars-Sinai Kerlan Jobe Institute

Integrates with your EHR

Creyos integrates seamlessly with your EHR, supporting various systems including athenahealth. With all your patient records neatly organized in one spot, delivering comprehensive, patient-centered care, just got a bit easier. 


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