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Measurement-based behavioral healthcare for better patient outcomes

Clinical psychologists, psychiatrists and addiction specialists trust Creyos to provide them with the necessary data for objective clinical insights, personalized patient treatment plans, and accurate progress tracking. 


A study out of Emory University and published in the JAMA Network Open found people with elevated stress levels were 37% more likely to have poor cognition


In a study published in 
the Journal of Psychiatry, objective cognitive dysfunction was observed in as much as 50% of depressed patients


Recent studies propose that working memory deficits occur in approximately 80–85% of children with ADHD when evaluated with cognitive tasks

For clinical psychologists 

For psychologists and psychology practices, Creyos enables easy assessment and monitoring of potential cognitive impairments and other symptoms resulting
from mental health and mood disorders, including depression, anxiety, ADHD, PTSD and more. That means more objective evaluation, improved patient care, and better practice efficiency.


For psychiatrists

Creyos empowers psychiatrists to deliver precise diagnoses, offer tailored treatment guidance, and enhance patient communication. By providing objective data on cognitive and behavioral health, clinicians can swiftly alleviate symptoms and confidently monitor medication impact. This evidence-based approach enables patients to experience improved outcomes and thrive under care.......


For addiction specialists 

With the APA underscoring the significance of cognition in addiction, Creyos equips providers with cognitive assessments to identify substance abuse-related deficits, prioritize patients, and guide treatment decisions. These assessments aid addiction specialists in tracking progress, assessing withdrawal effects, and evaluating relapse risk. Seamlessly integrated into telemedicine, they facilitate effective post-treatment care, recovery progress tracking, and improved patient engagement. 


Learn how Creyos can help your practice more objectively measure patient brain health and mental wellness.

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