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Complete pain management that cares for the body and brain

Easily and accurately measure the impact of pain and pain treatment on cognition to help reduce the risk of opioid misuse and improve patient care in domains that are key to quality of life, such as short-term memory, reasoning, concentration, and verbal ability.


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The odds of cognitive impairment increase by 21% for every two years of chronic pain1

1. Belle et al (2022)


A recent meta-analysis showed that 45.8% of people with dementia reported having chronic pain.2

2. Chen et al (2023)


Approximately 54% of patients with chronic pain report experiencing cognitive symptoms3

2. Chen et al (2023)

Establish objective baselines to measure treatment effectiveness

Know how treatment plans are impacting overall patient health. With Creyos, providers can easily test patient cognition before treatment starts to establish a baseline for cognitive health. Then, in subsequent visits, retest to monitor the impact of pain treatments on cognitive abilities, ensuring that interventions aren’t leading to cognitive decline. 


Mitigate risk of Opioid addiction 

Assessing patient risk for opioid misuse is made efficient with Creyos's digitized questionnaires, including the ORT, DAST-10, and PMQ. These tools enable providers to gather substance use history, identify risk factors, and screen for psychological distress seamlessly. With results automatically tabulated and available immediately, providers can swiftly identify risks and tailor interventions for patients prescribed opioids, mitigating potential harms.


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Tailor treatment plans to ensure patient follow-through

Cognitive deficits or alterations can impact a patient's ability to adhere to pain management strategies or medication regimens. Creyos helps physicians objectively assess cognition, enabling the creation of tailored treatment plans that accommodate cognitive limitations and improve adherence.


Expertly manage medication to minimize cognitive impairment

Precisely gauge the cognitive side effects of pain medication. With Creyos, online tasks map to specific brain regions, helping providers identify which cognitive functions, such as memory, reasoning, and verbal ability, might be affected by a medication. With user-friendly reports, providers can clearly see the impacted areas and make necessary adjustments in dosage or medication type to minimize cognitive impairment while still effectively managing pain.

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Increase the value of your care for greater revenue

Broaden the range of services you provide to deliver whole-patient care and unlock new reimbursement opportunities. By including neuropsychological testing and evaluation as an ancillary service, providers can receive potential reimbursement from public and many private insurers.


Elevate patient care by adding cognitive testing to your practice

See how thousands of healthcare providers are using Creyos for a quick, precise, and objective approach to cognitive and behavioral health care.  

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