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A complete platform to objectively measure and monitor patient brain health

Creyos combines 30 years of scientifically-validated cognitive tasks with standardized behavioral health questionnaires to offer clinicians a complete picture of patient brain health

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Secure and reliable

Creyos puts data privacy and site reliability first, meeting or exceeding relevant regulatory standards, like HIPAA.


Immediate insights

Assessment results are automatically translated into clear, actionable reports, for more informed clinical decision making.


Easy to administer

Seamlessly fits into workflows with no special training needed, is flexible for in-clinic or at-home use, and works on any device.

Online tasks to quantify cognitive health

Derived from validated pen-and-paper tests, Creyos cognitive tasks swiftly and accurately gauge crucial brain functions. Clinicians receive real-time, quantifiable insights into a patient’s short-term memory, reasoning, attention, and verbal ability, enabling more precise clinical decisions and treatment planning.

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Online tasks

Digitized questionnaires for more efficient assessment

Digitized behavioral health screeners provide help to more effectively assess patients, automatically tabulating results and delivering quick insights into mental wellness and behavioral health. 

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Digitized Qs
Creyos Health is the singular best investment in patient care our clinic has ever made… hard to imagine how we coped beforehand

Dr. Ivan Murray

Psychiatrist Medical Director

Neuromed Clinic

Want to see how Creyos can be customized to work for your practice?

Speak to a member of the Creyos team to explore if Creyos Health is right for you.

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Condition-specific, ready-made protocols

Scientifically-validated pre-made protocols combine cognitive tasks and behavioral health questionnaires to help providers more objectively evaluate patients for markers associated with conditions like ADHD, or signs of mild-cognitive impairment.

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Easy to interpret, 
data-driven, reports

With reports in Creyos, complex data is distilled into actionable information for evidence-based decision-making. With a clear overview of cognitive and behavioral health, clinicians can better tailor interventions, track progress, and optimize treatment plans, ultimately enhancing the quality of care.

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