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Cognitive and behavioral health assessments for more complete primary care

With the ability to detect, test, treat, and track brain health, Creyos enables providers to easily assess cognitive function and behavioral health as part of their routine standard of care.


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55 million people worldwide

Suffer from dementia, and every year there are 10 million new cases1

1. World Health Organization

7 out of every 10 Americans

Said they would want to know early if they have Alzheimer's disease if it could allow for earlier treatment2

2. Alzheimer’s Association

61% of 
dementia cases

Are undiagnosed due to the rudimentary nature of the assessment tools available today

High quality assessment backed by science

Creyos cognitive assessments leverage 30+ years of scientifically-validated research, fMRI mapping, and incorporate hallmarks of trusted neuropsychological tests. Behavioral health questionnaires are digitized versions of industry standard screeners and condition-focused protocols follow DSM-5 diagnostic criteria. 


Ideal for annual wellness visits

Taking only minutes to complete, Creyos offers an immediate and precise snapshot of your patient’s cognitive function. Assessments fulfill Medicare’s requirements for evaluating cognitive health as part of the Annual Wellness Visit (AWV), helping physicians proactively manage patient cognitive health and enhance their overall care for better outcomes, faster.


Want to see how Creyos can be added to your routine standard of care?

Our product specialists are here to help with a 15-minute personalized walk through of the Creyos platform.

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Flexible administration to fit your workflow

Requiring only an internet connection and a tablet or computer, the FDA Class II registered Creyos platform can be used in-clinic or remotely. Assessments require no special training to administer and incorporate clear instructions. With EHR integration and automation tools, like email reminders, practices spend less time on paperwork and more time on patient care.


Instant results to expedite care planning

Providers receive a detailed results report immediately upon completion, comparing patient performance to individuals in the same demographic. Presented graphically, scores allow for quick identification of potential impairments and provide contextual information for better communication with patients.


End-to-end coverage for dementia care

Only Creyos enables providers to manage the full continuum of dementia care. From early detection of mild cognitive impairment to ongoing measurement, we’ve got you covered.


Screen for cognitive impairment in minutes

With a two-task assessment, Creyos helps providers detect cognitive impairment in under 3-minutes. Balancing sensitivity and specificity, it effectively differentiates between impairment and normal aging more accurately than conventional tests.

Greater revenue potential for your practice

Creyos supports both fee for service and value-based care practices. It meets CMS requirements for neuropsychological testing and treatment, reimbursable by many public and private payers and enables detection of dementia in patients that would otherwise have gone undiagnosed. 


Elevate patient care by ddding cognitive testing to your practice

See how thousands of healthcare providers are using Creyos for a quick, precise, and objective approach to cognitive and behavioral health care.  

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