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Helping Providers Deliver Next-Level Neurological Care

Specialists in neurological care use Creyos for precise and efficient cognitive health testing and tracking. They’re able to assess patients more quickly, make more informed clinical decisions, and ultimately, enhance patient outcomes.

For neurologists 

Cognitive deficits due to neurological disorders require comprehensive assessment. Creyos provides neurologists with quick, automated cognitive evaluations that are patient-friendly, flexible to administer, and deliver immediate results. 

With quantified measures, neurologists can efficiently diagnose and track recovery, facilitating collaboration with patients, caregivers, and other providers for evidence-based treatment decisions.

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Detect mild cognitive impairment 

With a normative database of 85,000, Creyos detects mild cognitive impairment and accurately determines its status relative to a patient's age, enabling early detection of potential neurological conditions


Get immediate results

Don't wait for neuropsychological test results to act. Creyos provides instant results with actionable insights, speeding up clinical decision-making and often eliminating lengthy referral wait times.  


Track change over time

Detect meaningful change in cognition. Creyos enables easy retesting that delivers accurate results, helping you more objectively assess and communicate patient improvement or disease progression.

For occupational therapists

Whether post-injury or managing developmental disorders, occupational therapists and speech-language pathologists rely on Creyos to measure key cognitive areas affecting daily function. With validated assessments, Creyos tracks brain health during recovery, aiding return-to-work decisions. With flexible administration options – including in person or remotely – Creyos helps patients of all ages achieve physical and cognitive goals.

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For concussion and brain injury specialists

Neurological care providers understand the critical role cognition plays in patient well-being, especially in conditions like concussions or traumatic brain injuries. Creyos helps track cognitive aspects affecting quality of life, aiding in evidence-based rehabilitation. Whether recovering from an accident or working to return to play from a sports related injury, Creyos measures strengths and areas needing improvement. With web-based cognitive tasks and behavioral health assessments, it quantifies brain health, identifies deficits, and tracks recovery for patients of all ages.

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Help transform the way brain health is measured

At Creyos our vision is that, one day, understanding brain health will be as easy as telling time. Our driven, diverse, and dedicated team are committed to turning that vision into a reality through collaboration, curiosity, and a winning team culture.