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More precisely evaluate concussion symptoms and traumatic brain injury

Whether you're working with patients who have suffered a concussion from sport, or victims of accidents that have compromised brain function, Creyos can be used to easily obtain objective measures of cognitive function that can help inform treatment and improve patient care.

Validate symptoms, complement diagnosis, identify needs

Take an evidence-based approach to head injury rehabilitation with scientifically-validated cognitive testing. Creyos complements physical tests and clinical observation with a quick and objective computerized test to assess brain function key to quality of life, such as working memory, reasoning, verbal memory, and concentration.

Whether you are involved in post concussion assessment from a contact sports injury, or collecting consistent measures of cognitive function for return to work evaluation after an accident, Creyos makes it easy.


Track the long-term impact of therapeutic interventions

When a concussion occurs, rehabilitation leads to better brain function. But recovery from even a mild injury can take time.

Creyos enables immediate post concussion assessment and provides patients with a brain health report that clearly shows the results of baseline testing, highlights deficits, guides rehabilitation, and shows the effectiveness of post concussion treatment plans. Have patients complete a baseline test in-clinic, then conduct ongoing neurocognitive testing to evaluate progress long-term and continued presence of post concussion syndrome.

The beauty of using Creyos is that I don't have to send patients for several hours of formal neuropsychological testing. I can get usable information very quickly and repeatedly using Creyos.

Dr. Vernon B. Williams

MD, Center for Sports Neurology & Pain Medicine

Cedars-Sinai Kerlan-Jobe Institute

Easily integrate a concussion cognitive test into various treatment programs

The self-guided neuropsychological tests in Creyos seamlessly integrate into existing workflows, aiding in treatment planning for head injuries, concussions, and prevention of future concussion. These tests are adaptable for in-clinic or remote administration by a medical professional or technicians. They also support insurance reimbursement requirements for neuropsychological testing, helping you add services that will grow practice revenue while elevating your standard of care.


Evaluate all aspects of brain health linked to head injury

Mental illness often stems from head trauma, injuries, and concussions. Creyos offers computerized testing for emotional functioning, aiding in detecting conditions such as depression, anxiety, and ADHD. It digitizes standardized questionnaires like the PHQ-9, GAD-7, and ASRS, allowing healthcare providers to conduct comprehensive assessments covering both cognitive and behavioral health. It delivers holistic medical evaluation that captures the full impact of treatment plans.


Ready to enhance how you evaluate concussion and impact of brain injury? 

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Detect cognitive deficits from even mild traumatic brain injury

Health care professionals know that a patient doesn't need to lose consciousness for there to be risk of concussion or reduced brain function. Creyos concussion testing is sensitive enough to detect even mild cognitive impairment. 

Tasks in Creyos are mapped to specific brain regions using functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) technology. Unlike other assessment tools that rely on small sample sizes, performance on tasks is compared to a normative database of 85,000 subjects to return patient-specific results for personalized treatment plans.


Reduce unnecessary spending and referrals

With swift and efficient access to cognitive data,  you can streamline processes and save resources. From screening to identify the necessity for more extensive neuropsychological assessments, to minimizing staff hours spent on manual scoring and data entry, Creyos optimizes operations saving your staff time and freeing up resources for more impactful patient care initiatives.


Frequently asked questions

Can Creyos be used for baseline testing?

Yes. Many healthcare providers use Creyos cognitive assessment to conduct a baseline test and then measure the efficacy of treatment plans over time. Creyos is able to detect meaningful change in cognition, with visual reports showing patients how they're progressing post concussion or head injury.

Do you have to be a healthcare professional to administer Creyos?

No. Creyos can be administered by either a qualified healthcare professional or a technician. Each cognitive evaluation on the Creyos platform includes clear instructions and an opportunity to practice to ensure accurate results and reduce risk of error due to patient comprehension issues.

How does Creyos help with concussion diagnosis?

Creyos has 12 online tasks that test for patient performance across key cognitive domains including memory, reasoning, verbal ability, and concentration. Tasks can be used to evaluate patients for suspected concussion signs like slow reaction time, sluggish processing speed, and delayed recall. Patient performance is compared to similar patient demographics within the Creyos 85,000+ normative database.

Can Creyos be used with pediatric and geriatric populations?

Creyos can assess cognition in patients of nearly any age. The normative database includes participants from age 6 to age 75+. This allows our platform to support a variety of providers from a sports medicine specialist treating young athletes, to a neurologist assessing brain function for legal or insurance claim purposes. Patients are always compared to a population that is in the same age range, so that normal fluctuations due to age are accounted for when interpreting results.

How does Creyos compare or complement the ImPACT concussion test?

Like the ImPACT test, Creyos also evaluates patients for concussion symptoms by having them complete online tasks and questionnaires that measure key aspects of cognitive function. It can also be used for both baseline and post-injury testing. With a normative database of over 85,000 subjects, it's scientifically-validated and has been used in many large scale studies to measure even mild cognitive impairment. Unlike ImPACT testing, Creyos can be used with patients as young as 6 years old without having to purchase a separate platform. It requires no special training to administer and includes as part of every subscription access to digitized standardized assessment specifically designed to detect mental health conditions such as depression, anxiety, and PTSD. These mental and behavioral health conditions are often a greater risk for patients with post concussion syndrome. By integrating behavioral and mental health questionnaires, medical professionals can conduct more comprehensive assessments that address both cognitive and emotional aspects of recovery, leading to a more complete approach for concussion care.