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Online tasks for cognitive testing that redefines objective evaluation

Say goodbye to overly simplified, outdated, pen and paper assessments. With the scientifically-validated Creyos battery of neuropsychological tasks you'll measure core elements of cognition with more efficiency, accuracy, and flexibility for your patients.

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Backed by science

Derived from extensive neuroscientific research and incorporating the scientific hallmarks of standardized cognitive tests like the MoCA and mini mental state examination (MMSE), Creyos tasks are clinically-validated, accurate, and reliable.



A digital version of testing that requires no special hardware. Creyos cognitive tasks take only 2-3 minutes to complete. Easy to follow instructions and a gamified experience lead to better completion rates and more engaged patients.


Precise results

Creyos tasks are designed to detect even mild cognitive impairment, helping healthcare providers identify potential symptoms of dementia, Alzheimer's, and mental health conditions earlier for quicker intervention and better patient outcomes.  

A modern model for cognitive testing

Creyos offers healthcare providers a suite of 12 online cognitive tasks. Using fMRI technology, each task takes only 2-3 minutes to complete and can be mapped to associated brain regions and specific cognitive skills, like working memory, episodic memory, deductive reasoning, attention and more.

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Precision in practice 

Tasks in Creyos precisely measure cognitive function against four key domains: short term memory, reasoning, concentration, and verbal ability.

Short Term Memory
Verbal Ability

Short term memory

Creyos enables healthcare professionals to assess cognitive function related to memory. Individual tasks evaluate visuospatial working memory, spatial short term memory, working memory, and episodic memory.

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What Creyos helps with most is helping me confirm what I think is going on or find out if there’s a possibility of something else causing the same symptoms. I can narrow down a diagnosis using measurements like scoring

Gabrielle Thompson

Child and Adolescent Psychologist

Space of Mind Psychiatry

Improving diagnosis through cognitive assessment

With cognition linked to so many neurodegenerative and behavioral health conditions, healthcare professionals use Creyos tasks to better determine if a patient’s cognitive deficits are typical of a diagnosis. Whether using the full battery for an initial assessment of cognitive abilities, or a narrowed selection to screen and monitor improvement as a result of treating a known diagnosis, the Creyos online cognitive test provides a reliable view of brain function for a more complete patient assessment.

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Flexible administration for maximum patient access

Managed entirely online, providers can assign Creyos tests to be completed in remote or clinical settings. Tests can be taken by both children and adults, and work seamlessly on any device across multiple browsers. That means, with Creyos, providers get a single platform for testing cognitive performance that can support their entire patient roster.

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See first-hand how the online tasks in Creyos can help you more objectively determine patient cognitive abilities and detect potential cognitive decline.

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Frequently Asked Questions about the Creyos Tasks for Cognitive Assessment

How do Creyos tasks assess patients for conditions like dementia and Alzheimer's disease?

Creyos tasks evaluate patients for cognitive symptoms associated with conditions like Alzheimer's disease and other forms of dementia. Patient results are compared to a normative database of over 85,000 subjects to determine whether their performance deviates from controls in that area of cognition. Test results indicative of cognitive decline outside the norms for a patient's demographic indicates potential for a condition like Alzheimer's and a need for further evaluation.

How long do Creyos tasks take to complete?

Each Creyos cognitive task takes approximately 2-3 minutes to complete with a full battery taking under 40 minutes. The patient's score is instantly tabulated and data is formulated into an easy to interpret report, making test administration and result evaluation more accurate and efficient.

Do I have to use all the tasks to properly conduct a cognitive test?

It's recommended to administer as many tasks as possible in order to gain a full picture of a patient’s health, determine if deficits are specific to certain cognitive domains, and identify strengths as well as weaknesses. For example, when a patient has completed all of the Creyos tasks as part of their cognitive test, then a provider may note if the patient’s weakest scores match up with areas typically impaired by a suspected diagnosis. A shorter battery may be appropriate, however, when more information is already known about the patient, or administering a longer battery is impractical.