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Enhancing neurological examination with precision online cognitive assessment 

Evaluate cognition more efficiently and effectively when conducting a neurologic exam. Neurologists use Creyos for quick and precise identification of cognitive impairment and disorders. It’s an end-to-end platform for testing patient brain health that delivers rapid results.

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Scientifically superior tests for diagnosis of cognitive impairment

Confidently detect mild cognitive impairment and better delineate between normal age-related decline and potential neurodegenerative disease. Scientifically-validated tests in Creyos enhance the quality of your neurological examination by accurately catching mild cognitive impairment and instantly calculating whether it's within or outside the range of normal for each patient:

  • Algorithms tuned using a database of 85,000+

  • Tested across healthy, neurology, and dementia populations

  • Balance of sensitivity and specificity for optimal test accuracy


Increase specificity when asssessing impairment

Going beyond pen and paper tests like the MoCA, Mini-Cog, or MMSE, each test in Creyos is associated with a specific areas of the brain linked to cognitive function. Tasks evaluate key cognitive factors and automatically tabulate patient response, giving every doctor and clinician in your practice pinpoint physiological accuracy:

  • Tasks mapped to brain regions using fMRI technology

  • Tests across four cognitive domains, including memory, reasoning, verbal ability, and concentration

  • Can be combined to create custom protocols based on reported symptoms

Unfortunately, a lot of people think that even beginning to investigate memory issues means they’re definitely going to find a severe problem and go straight to a memory facility. Really, it’s not like that. By testing early, we can perhaps reverse issues or at least prevent things from getting worse.

Melissa Picchione

Medical Director

Yukon Neurology

Easily integrate into neuro exam workflows

A fully digital and flexible testing experience for providers and patients. Creyos can be scheduled independently or integrated into E/M visits and administered by doctors, qualified healthcare professionals or technicians. It seamlessly enhances your neurological examinations without added operational hassle.

  • Works on tablet, desktop and mobile devices
  • APIs to integrate into your EHR
  • Supports reimbursable services like neuropsychological examination and interpretation

Keep patients in your care

Avoid referrals that add wait times, delay treatment, and risk patient non-compliance. With Creyos neurologists get the accuracy of a neuropsychological exam without having to refer out to other specialists, meaning each patient gets a thorough and immediate assessment of their brain health in a safe, approachable environment.
Working closely with the Creyos in-house team of brain scientists, Mike Battista and Conor Wild, Dr. Owen ensures that every task, assessment, and protocol is scientifically-validated and reliable. 

  • Improves patient completion rates
  • Incorporates digital screeners for identifying comorbid behavioral and mental health disorders
  • Appropriate for both adults and children, enhancing patient accessibility

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Instantaneous, easy-to-interpret reports 

After every Creyos evaluation, neurologists get an immediate electronic report that automatically tabulates results and clearly shows where performance is within or outside of norms. Reports include context and examples to help frame conversations with family and caregivers in objective results instead of subjective feelings about symptoms.

  • Offers guidance to assist development and direction of care plans
  • Is able to answer potential patient or caregiver questions about risk factors
  • Can be shared with other providers for coordination of patient care

Longitudinal tracking to monitor brain health over time 

Creyos enables neurologists to easily track progress or stability of symptoms over time. Results from each subsequent exam are added to patient records and plotted against previous results to clearly show change over time in brain health.

  • Able to detect and describe "Meaningful Change" in performance
  • Provides visual results for easy provider interpretation and no patient confusion
  • Minimizes memorization for sustained accuracy with every exam

Frequently asked questions

Can Creyos be used with those who have vision loss or hearing loss?

Yes. The tests in Creyos have been designed to meet accessibility standards. They include audio instructions to help those with vision issues more easily complete them, and have instructions written at an easy to interpret 4th grade reading level. You can view video tutorials of how each task works here.

What are the risks of completing Creyos tests?

There are no risk associated with incorporating Creyos as part of a neurological examination. Neurologists use it to quickly, precisely, and consistently measure patient brain health, helping to deliver a more holistic approach to medicine and complete care.

Can Creyos be used as part of a neurological test online?

Yes. Creyos is a SaaS solution that's administered online and can be incorporated as part of other tests in an online neurological battery. It can be taken in-clinic or remotely for maximum flexibility.

Does Creyos measure physiological conditions of the nervous system?

No. Creyos is designed to measure cognitive function. It doesn't assess physiological nervous system issues like speech disorders, movement disorders, cranial nerve health, or other abnormalities in the functioning of the nervous system that affect physiological processes.

Can Creyos be used in association with chronic pain management?

Yes. Many pain management specialists use Creyos to help determine the impact of chronic pain, including nerve pain, on cognition. It's also often used to assess the impact of medical treatments, like opioids, on brain health.

What are the scientific origins of Creyos?

Creyos was developed by Professor Adrian Owen, PhD, OBE. Professor Owen is a world-renowned neuroscientist who leads The Owen Lab at the University of Western Ontario in Canada. His work has been extensively published and peer reviewed in journals like Neuron, Nature, and The Lancet. You can learn more about the science behind the Creyos solution here.