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Taking Personalized Healthcare to the Next Level: Creyos and Medcan

Medcan prides its practice on being able to provide immediate and collaborative care, giving patients direct access to work with their physician, and providing same-day assessment results. They needed to deliver cognitive care that meets these same high standards.

That’s why they use Creyos.

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Personalized Healthcare




Improving Health Head to Toe

Medcan was founded in 1987 to provide personalized health care, with highly focused care, prevention, and treatment. 

A key part of the practice is giving patients direct consultation with a physician, which includes reviewing test results immediately, without lengthy waits. The result is that patients are able to quickly and regularly gain critical information regarding their wellbeing, and to work with their physician to maintain and improve it.


Breaking the Ice Around Cognitive Health Assessment 

Medcan’s yearly health assessments include diagnostic tests tailored to the patient’s needs. These tests traditionally focused on health below the neck, but brain health is just as important.

Same-day results are critical to Medcan’s offering, but many cognitive assessment tools take hours, require additional training, or include lengthy post-test scoring and analysis.

And with stigma around cognitive and mental health still being so prevalent, Medcare recognized that they also needed a solution that was unintimidating, enjoyable to complete, would encourage open communication, and engage patients in their health outside of an appointment.

Scalability was also crucial—tests needed to be repeatable, easily integrated into a complex clinical operation, and remotely administered to off-site patients.

Medcan needed a solution that could enable them to offer truly head-to-toe evaluations that allow patients to proactively manage their overall health. With immediate care being one of their key differentiators, they needed a cognitive assessment solution that aligned with this value—and Creyos hit the mark.


Introducing Routine Annual Cognitive Assessments

Medcan established the Medcan Mind station—a program that is now a key component of the hallmark annual assessment offering. It’s powered by Creyos.

In only 15 minutes, they administer the scientifically validated Creyos cognitive assessment and provide a report on the patient’s cognitive health. A mental health professional then discusses the report with the patient. Mental health can be a sensitive topic, but practitioners have found Creyos Health to be an unimposing tool for beginning the important conversation. Together, they delve deeper into cognitive concerns, make lifestyle recommendations, and refer out to other medical professionals as needed. 

Practitioners now accurately measure current brain health, monitor for changes, and verify the effects of interventions across yearly assessments. Annual assessment results are tracked year after year to demonstrate improvements, or spot potential areas of concern early.

Medcan chose Creyos Health for its immediate benefits to patients, practitioners, and the business. No specialized hardware is required, so it was easy to integrate into Medcan’s complex operations, and because the tests are fun and engaging, patients are happy to take them as part of their assessments. 



Better Patient Experiences and Expanding the Business

Medcan has already established itself as a market leader in wellness with a head-to-toe physical, fitness facilities, and nutrition advice. Now, they’ve rounded out their cognitive and mental health offerings with Creyos.

Creyos offers engaging tests that improve the patient experience, acting as a key component to understanding and optimizing their overall health. Simple but powerful reports provide practitioners with easy-to-interpret data that improves their ability to offer exercise and nutrition coaching. And the platform meets Medcan’s needs for a fast, scalable, online cognitive assessment platform.

Medcan will continue to grow. With Creyos established in one line of business, Medcan will be expanding its focus on cognition, especially in their corporate offering. Workplace wellness is a growing trend, and Medcan will use Creyos to help corporate clients spot potential employee issues, then offer programs that track and improve mental wellness across the organization.

Start Using The Creyos Health to Expand Your Cognitive and Mental Health Practice

Backed by over 30 years of research, Creyos is here to help you confidently measure the markers of mild cognitive impairment, ADHD, cognitive impacts of mental health conditions—and more.

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