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Feature Match

A task measuring attention—the ability to muster mental resources to focus and monitor for a specific stimulus or difference. Identifying similarities and differences is an important real-life skill that is put to the test in this difficult version of “spot the difference.”

How to take the Feature Match Test

Two boxes appear on the screen, each containing an array of abstract shapes. The patient must determine if the boxes are identical or different and click the appropriate button. Difficulty adjusts to the patient’s performance, ensuring the task is consistently challenging.

The history of Feature Match

Feature Match takes the best of previously used tests of perception, requiring concentration and full attention to excel in. Our research has found that a region of the brain known as the mid-ventrolateral frontal cortex is involved in tuning attention, and proper function of this brain region is required to score well in Feature Match.

Feature Match in the real world

Feature Match may be correlated to activities such as identifying similarities and differences when comparing two things - for instance, when you're deciding which of many great photos of your friends to share from an evening out.

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