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A scientifically-validated online cognitive assessment platform used by neuropsychologists to easily obtain additional measures of cognitive function

Neuropsychologists use Creyos Health as a quick measure of cognitive function
to strengthen and complement neuropsychological batteries, and to aid in
the assessment of brain health.

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Creyos Health is Based on Decades of Research and Linked Directly With Brain Function

Creyos Health is a web-based assessment platform backed by the latest science. The Creyos tasks are guided by research in the fields of neuropsychology, neuroscience, and neurology. Each task is based on a classic neuropsychological test, and the platform has been used in over 300 academic studies published in leading journals such as Nature and Neuron. Data from tens of thousands of participants and millions of completed tasks have demonstrated the tasks’ strong psychometric properties and validity. Furthermore, the Creyos Health normative database is larger than that of almost any pen-and-paper test, enabling instant, accurate percentile scores adjusted by age (6 and up) and gender.

Brain imaging studies have directly linked neural activity in specific regions with each task, further validating the assessments, and allowing neuropsychologists to link performance with specific brain disorders and deficits.

The Creyos Health battery is correlated with traditional assessments, such as the MoCA, MMSE, WAIS, and other intelligence tests. While Creyos Health does not replace a full neuropsychological assessment, it can fill in gaps in your toolbox, reach patients for whom a full assessment is inappropriate, round out a telehealth plan, or act as a quick screen to determine the need for additional assessments.

Why Neuropsychologists Use Creyos Health to
Measure Cognitive Function

Improve Neuropsychological Services With Complementary Cognitive and Mental Health Assessments

  • Add Valid, Evidence-Based Assessments to Your Toolbox

    Complement existing neuropsychological tests and clinical observation with a quick and objective measure of the cognitive domains key to quality of life, such as memory, reasoning, verbal ability, and concentration. Use Creyos Health to fill gaps in your assessment batteries, save money by replacing more expensive options, or use Creyos Health when a full neuropsychological assessment is difficult or inappropriate, such as when seeing patients virtually or when time is short.

  • Easily Track Trends Over Time for Rich Longitudinal Data

    Generate an easy-to-understand brain health report that highlights deficits, guides treatments, and measures change. Compare follow-up assessments to a baseline to track trends and determine if cognition is recovering or declining, then easily share reports with patients, other healthcare practitioners, or legal professionals. Assessments are backed by decades of research, and can be completed in person or in the comfort of a patient’s home without sacrificing validity.

  • Get a Comprehensive View of Brain Health With Integrated Mental Health Assessments

    Collect self-report data on mental health using questionnaire assessments like the PHQ-9, GAD-7, and ASRS alongside cognition data. View and compare a wide range of key mental health markers to gain a full picture of a patient’s brain health. Address deficits related to brain injuries or medical conditions, aid in important decisions about recovery, and measure the full impact of therapy or other interventions.

Save You and Your Staff Valuable Time

  • Modernize Your Practice With Telemental Health Options

    Send scientifically-validated assessments by email to reach patients when you can’t see them in person. Develop long-term relationships with patients and collect data on changes over time, automatically—perfect for practitioners and scientist-practitioners.

  • Reduce Manual Effort With Automation

    Practitioners and admins save time and effort by automating tasks, such as sending scheduled assessments, maintaining and storing data, and finding patient reports. Performance is automatically—and instantly—compared to a normative database of over 85,000 people, and no manual scoring is required.

  • Get Brain Insights Faster

    Creyos Health cognitive task takes only a few minutes each, and reports comparing your patient’s performance to a normative database are generated immediately. The powerful reports can be used as a screening tool to determine the need for further evaluations, added to existing neuropsychological evaluations, or offered as a new service.

Increase Revenue for Your Neuropsychology Practice

Add Online Neuropsychology and Other Services

Use Creyos Health to add new services and reach new patients. Some neuropsychologists receive payment directly for services such as:

  • Preventive services, such as yearly check-ins that assess cognition and mental health.
  • Telemental health services, such as listing your services in portals that connect patients from all over the country with remote therapists.
  • Additional services offered to clients in the health, occupational therapy, and legal systems.

Get Reimbursed For Assessments

The administration and interpretation of assessments is covered by many insurance providers. Creyos Health assessments are:

  • Reimbursable under CPT codes related to neuropsychological assessments.
  • Improve therapy with no additional cost to the patient and potential revenue generation for the practice.
Learn more about reimbursement for Creyos Health assessments

Reduce Unnecessary Spending

Cognitive data from Creyos Health can be gained quickly and efficiently, saving time and money in areas such as:

  • Screening to determine the need for time-consuming, costly tests, such as full neuropsychological batteries or genetic testing; with more data at your disposal, you can stop spending time and money on dead ends.
  • Automated cognitive assessments can reduce spending on areas related to keeping in touch with patients, such as staff hours devoted to regular contact with long-term patients.

Creyos Health is a Powerful Web-Based Tool for Neuropsychologists

Specialized tools are required to understand how a patient’s brain is working. Creyos Health is an evidence-based assessment platform that uses the latest advancements in technology and data science to quickly assess a patient’s executive functions. Neuropsychologists can quantify deficits in a patient’s cognitive function, design effective treatments, and track recovery. Any adults, children, or seniors with acute, chronic, or evolving impairment in cognition—or at risk for such impairments—can benefit from regular assessment of cognitive function, and Creyos Health makes it easier than ever.

Insightful Patient Reports in Less Than 15 Minutes

Reports are powerful, yet simple and easy to read, allowing you to instantly view results and share them with patients and clients without extra modifications or explanations.

Review your patients' percentile rank relative to others of the same age group (ages 6+) and gender using our proprietary normative database, made up of more than 85,000 individuals.

A validity indicator and meaningful change calculation help make sure each result and trend is genuinely linked to brain activity.

A customized assessment can take 15 minutes or less, and results are generated instantly—no manual scoring required.

Patient-friendly task descriptions link results with subjective symptoms to turn “brain fog” into specific deficits that can be discussed and measured.

Raw data is available for research purposes, or to examine additional in-depth metrics about performance on each task.

Engage Patients With a Low-Pressure, Fun, Gamified Assessment Experience

Some patients can be intimidated by long, rigid assessments—especially if they are already suffering from anxiety or other mental health difficulties. Creyos Health assessments are designed to ease patients into the tasks with a quick, game-like experience that removes the pressure.

Send links via email to allow your patients to complete assessments in the comfort of their own homes.

Self-guided interactive task tutorials help ensure your patients quickly get up to speed on task instructions.

Easily customize assessments for specific patient groups—like shortening the battery, turning off sound, or adding practice rounds—to create the targeted patient experience you need.

Go Beyond the MoCA With Continuous Measures of Cognition

Mental health assessments, and tests of mental status, are valuable sources of information in a neuropsychologist's toolkit. Some assessments are subjective, relying on self-report, or they are designed for a specific purpose, such as screening for severe impairment. Creyos Health provides objective, continuous measures of cognitive performance that can be used to assess brain health in struggling, recovering, and healthy patients, instead of or in addition to administering a full pencil-and-paper standardized intelligence test.

For more specialized needs, administer self-report assessments, like the PHQ-9 for depression, GAD-7 for anxiety, ASRS for ADHD, as well as other questionnaires, right within Creyos Health. View subjective and objective assessments side by side and get a full snapshot of a patient’s brain health in one report.

Easy to Get Up and Running and Easy to Administer,
With No Special Hardware or Software Required

Cloud-based & secure, meeting or exceeding HIPAA industry standards.

Support for modern desktop browsers and tablets. Tasks can be completed using common inputs like touch, mouse, or trackpad devices.

Friendly one-on-one support to help you integrate Creyos Health into your practice and make the most of its powerful features.

Speak to a member of the Creyos team to explore if Creyos Health is right for your neuropsychology practice.

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