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Coming Soon: Redesigned Creyos Health Account with New Features


[Dec 22] Edit: the roll-out of the new account redesign is now underway—keep an eye out in your email for a notice letting you know when it has been enabled for you.

Creyos (formerly Cambridge Brain Sciences) is continually evolving to meet the growing needs and demands of our customers. In 2023, we aim to accelerate these efforts. Working hand in hand with our customers, we have created an ambitious product roadmap that aims to add significant benefits to your practice—both in terms of clinical value and efficiency. And it all starts with this latest release: a redesigned Creyos Health account, as well as several new features designed to significantly improve your experience.

Note: while the all-new Creyos Health is simpler, more modern and much more enjoyable to use, it maintains the exact same primary workflows you have been using to date. Experiences such as creating patients, administering assessments, and accessing reports have not changed, meaning you and/or your staff do not have to spend time re-learning how to use the all-new Creyos Health.

How and when will the redesigned Creyos Health Account be made available to me?

This update will roll out automatically to select customers starting December 19th, with all customers having access by the end of January 2023. No action is required from you to enable the all-new Creyos Health account for your practice. You’ll simply receive an email once your account has been updated.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact us at help@creyos.com and/or contact your customer success manager to book a personalized 1-on-1 walkthrough. To see all the new features and updates in this release, keep reading.

What’s changing?

Aside from a fresh coat of paint that makes Creyos Health more intuitive and easier to use, there are many new features included in this release to improve your overall experience:

1. Easily view the status of a patient’s assessment and execute smart actions on the spot to increase assessment compliance

Unsurprisingly, with the rise and prominence of telehealth, the proportion of Creyos Health assessments sent via email has tripled since 2019. Yet, as you likely already know, asking your patients to complete any task outside of the office can be challenging. That’s why we built statuses and smart actions—a feature that gives you in-depth visibility into the progress a patient is making along every step of their assessment, as well as smart actions to help that patient over the finish line.

Here’s how it works:

On the Patients List page, you will notice a new column called “Session Status” which allows you to view at a glance which patients have completed, started, or have yet to complete an assessment you’ve administered:

Clicking on the status directly will reveal a detailed timeline of progress—in other words, you’ll see every step of the assessment that the patient has started or completed, from getting an email to currently being in the middle of a task:

Quick note—session statuses for each patient are also available in the “Sessions” tab. This will be helpful if the patient you are seeking a status for isn’t easily accessible on the Patient List page—simply use the “Search” bar to find the patient, then click on the “Sessions” tab to review the latest status:

But what good is a status if you can’t act on it? That’s why statuses also come with smart actions that give you the option of carrying out the best course of action when patients have not completed assessments, directly from within Creyos Health—for instance:

when assessments are sent, but not yet started, you’ll see an option to send a reminder email:

… if a cognitive assessment is partially completed (i.e., the patient completed some of the cognitive tasks but then was unresponsive for 60+ minutes or closed the browser window), you’ll see options to either i) generate a partial report, if you’re satisfied with the number of tasks completed or ii) send a reminder email prompting the patient to continue where they left off:

… for patient sessions with no progress in over an hour, you will see a “Paused” status appear, giving you a quick indication to remind your patient to complete the assessment. Clicking the session status will give you the option to send a reminder email directly through the platform, copy the link into your preferred communication stream, or resume right on your device:

This feature is the first of many that will help you more easily follow-up with patients to gather the critical clinical data you need to serve your patients—next year, you’ll get features like “bulk actions”, which will allow you to action multiple patients with the click of a button, as well as automated rules that once set up, will carry out the actions you feel are important without any manual intervention from you at all.

2. A responsive design that works great across all devices and browsers:

Have you ever tried to access your Creyos account on a tablet device? While mostly functional, some things just didn’t look quite right. Given that a significant number of clinicians access their accounts and administer assessments on tablets, we’ve focused on making the all-new Creyos health work well across all devices and browsers:

3. Miscellaneous features

View the status of all sessions on Patient Details pages

Want to see whether a patient is generally keeping up with their scheduled assessments? Or if their history of compliance is reasonable? Or, just whether they’ve started the latest assessment you have sent? Or how those assessments were administered? In the all-new Creyos Health, you can find answers to all of these questions by clicking on the “Sessions” tab on any Patient Details page:

New practitioner sign-up experience

Admin account holders (or those with Admin-level permissions) may notice that the “Practitioners” section is now available when hovering over the “Settings” navigation item, instead of the main navigation bar where it was previously:

Inviting practitioners is also easier than ever before—simply click on the “Invite Practitioner+” button, enter an email address, and assign permissions for the new practitioner:

Once you’ve sent the invitation, the individual you have invited will receive an email with instructions on how to set up their account safely and securely:

On your end, you can see the status of all practitioners—and if a practitioner ever leaves your practice, you can easily deactivate their account:

Enhanced accessibility, readability and more information across the application

Every page of Creyos Health has been redesigned with accessibility and readability in mind, making the application even easier to use than ever before:

Important information is also now available across the application—for instance, on the Protocols page, you can see how many total assessments have been completed, along with how many unique users have been assessed, using each protocol:

If you click into Protocol Details pages, you can see exactly which cognitive tasks and/or self assessment screeners are included in the protocol at a glance:

You’ll also find small usability enhancements—for instance, simply hovering over certain elements shows the information you may be seeking (no clicks necessary):

… and much more!

As you begin to familiarize yourself further with the all-new Creyos Health, you will likely come across many more usability enhancements that will make you more efficient and help save you time.

As mentioned, this update is the start of many more features that we hope to deliver in 2023, so stay tuned for future notices from the Creyos team.

If you have any questions or comments as you begin to use your redesigned Creyos Health account, please let us know—you can contact us at help@cambridgebrainsciences.com or send a line directly to your Customer Success Manager. We look forward to hearing from you!


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