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New: A Faster and Easier-to-Use Creyos Health Admin Account


Creyos Health has been updated with a brand new look and feel to make it easier and faster to administer assessments, review reports, and complete all the tasks that you need to accomplish every day in your account.

Important note: This release won’t be turned on for everyone by default—if you would like to make the switch to the new Creyos Health account, please contact us.

Creyos Health is continually evolving to meet the growing needs and demands of our customers—in 2021, we launched 20+ new features, including a number of standardized questionnaires (the PHQ-9, GAD-7, Rivermead Post-Concussion Symptoms Questionnaire, Perceived Stress Scale, and Vanderbilt ADHD scale, to name a few) that can be administered at no extra cost or hassle.

In 2022, we aim to accelerate these efforts. Working hand in hand with our customers, we have an ambitious roadmap that adds significant value to your practice—starting with a redesigned Creyos Health account. While it’s new—meaning simpler, faster and easier to use—it maintains familiarity in the main workflows you have become used to (such as administering assessments and accessing reports), meaning less time spent relearning how to use your account.

Please note: while it is not required for you to switch over to the new Creyos Health design today, we highly recommend you do, so that you can benefit from the overall improvements. New features coming up this year will only be available in this new version of Creyos Health, so the sooner you make the switch, the better!

How can I make the switch today?

To make the switch, or if you would like a personalized walkthrough, simply contact your customer success manager or email help@creyos.com, and we’ll be in touch to enable the new account for you right away.

What’s changed?

Whether you are adding assessments to a protocol, administering a protocol to a patient for the first time, or browsing a list of patients to check on their status, it is now easier to get things done as an administrator in Creyos Health.

1. A new modern and simple design that looks, feels, and works great across the devices and browsers our customers use most.

For those of you that have ever tried to use your Creyos Health account on a tablet, you know that it worked—but not as smoothly as it could have. Given that a significant number of clinicians access their accounts on tablets, we’ve focused on making Creyos Health screen adaptive and working well across all devices and browsers. Check out the screenshots below to see the updates!

Landing Pages

To make it easier to see all the items within a list (patients, practitioners, and reports) across devices, the newly layout organizes information in a simple and easily digestible table format:

The new patient dashboard. Note the leaner navigation bar on the left, a more visible active patient count, and quick access to patient details and activity.

2. Not just a coat of fresh paint: new features that help you quickly find the information you’re looking for!

When you enable the new design, you’ll see a variety of new enhancements and features that will give you more information on your patients. Check them out below:


In the current version of Creyos Health, it can be difficult to determine the last action taken for a specific patient, not knowing whether an assessment was sent or completed. Now, with the new Creyos Health account, this is both quick and simple! To find the latest action of a patient, view the patient’s details, and then select the new “Sessions” tab.

The new Sessions tab shows the latest actions for each patient.

When viewing this tab, you will notice a column labeled “Status.” Each individual row (Session) tracks the patient’s progress through this administered protocol. Keep an eye out for additional enhancements to tracking your patients' session statuses, coming soon!

Assessment Details of Protocols

With so many cognitive and mental health assessments available in your account, we’ve made it easier to know exactly what assessments are in each protocol that you’ve administered. You are able to quickly gather this information by hovering over any of the new “Cognitive Assessment” or “+1 MORE” badges. These elements can be found throughout the platform including the patient details pages, protocol list pages, protocol details pages, and more.

Easily view the specific tasks included in a protocol.

To see all assessments in any protocol, first visit the protocol’s details page. Next, click the “View Details” button to view all of the assessments that the patient will receive.


The information within the notifications let you know exactly which assessments were completed and by whom, with quick links to the patient’s details or directly to the report.

3. Never lose your place with the new navigation and pop-up screens

In the older version of Creyos Health, it can sometimes be hard to know where in the application you are, especially when creating patients or schedules. To ensure that you never lose a sense of where you are, you’ll notice much simpler pop-ups that still have all of the important information you need!

Create a new protocol without leaving the Schedules section.

4. All menu items now live in the left menu bar

To make sure you can easily find all of the items exactly when you need them, we’ve moved the Settings and Help menus to the left bar to give you more space. Rest assured that nothing is missing, just relocated! For example, under the Settings menu, you’ll find your profile settings, resources, and support information.

Get help and access settings from the left navigation bar.


When can I make the switch to the new Creyos Health platform?

The all-new Creyos Health admin account will begin rolling out to existing customers who request access during the first week of April (now!).

How can I make the switch to the new Creyos Health platform?

If you would like to make the switch, reach out to a Creyos team member and inquire about the new interface! To do this, you can either reach out directly to your customer success manager, or send an email to help@creyos.com.

Will I be forced to switch?

You will not be forced to switch. However, we strongly encourage you to do so in order to take advantage of the many new improvements and features that are available.

How can we help? Contact us!

Have any other questions or comments? Contact us by email with your inquiries—we always look forward to hearing from you.


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